10 Food Discoveries That Changed my Life (For Anaphylaxis Awareness Week)

Like most people with allergies, I spend most of my time checking labels on food. Over the years, you grow so bored of checking labels that you just stop occasionally and don’t bother. So sometimes I’ll think ‘what the heck’ and just read something I think I won’t be able to eat, and discover that I CAN. Food discoveries are brilliant so I thought I’d do a top 10 of the best food discoveries I’ve ever made.

  1. Mint Cornettos: When I was a child, it was hard to find ice creams I could eat that were fancy. I naturally assumed that I couldn’t eat cornetto ice creams because there were ones with nuts in, so the day my mum came home with a box of mint cornettos was amazing! They always feel like a luxurious ice cream, and mint is my favourite ice cream flavour anyway so needless to say, they’re pretty perfect!
  2. Magic Stars Hot Chocolate: One of my friends bought me some of this hot chocolate and tastes incredible! It has tiny magic stars in that melt to the bottom and it’s such a cosy drink. Magic Stars themselves actually have a nut traces warning on them, so normally I can’t eat them, but the hot chocolate doesn’t so you still get the magical taste (pardon the pun)!
  3. Mini Eggs: This was my most recent discovery. I’ve spent my whole life thinking that I couldn’t eat Mini Eggs because they had a traces warning on them, but this year they have been changed! I’ve honestly eaten so many I swear to god I’m going to turn into a Mini Egg…
  4. Waitrose Christmas Biscuits: This was the ULTIMATE discovery. I remember the very day my mum came home from the supermarket at Christmas with a huge ornate tin of assorted biscuits. I have never been able to eat a biscuit collection, because there is pretty much always a nutty biscuit included. I remember mum saying ‘Look I bought these, you can eat all of them!’ and I apparently asked in sheer disbelief ‘Even the ones in foil?’. In the ten years since, they still haven’t put a nutty biscuit in the selection, even when other biscuits have been replaced, and I still get them every year in bulk!

    The Waitrose biscuit selection of legend
  5. Safari Cake (Sainsburys): For my birthday two years ago, I realised that Sainsburys sold nut free birthday cakes, so I bought one that was safari themed (complete with fondant elephant and lion!). It wasn’t the tastiest cake I’ve ever had, but it was very funny.

    IMG_3487 2.JPG
    My Sainsburys Safari birthday cake!
  6. Sweet Freedom: These syrups and chocolate spreads are my favourite! It is so great to know I have a chocolate spread that is safe for me, and it’s a real treat for me. For more information about Sweet Freedom, take a look at my Favourites page.
  7. Galaxy: I remember being a child and my friend’s mum giving us all a bar of Galaxy chocolate, and I couldn’t believe I could eat such luxurious chocolate. To this day when I’m feeling stressed or unwell, I always get a Galaxy bar to make myself feel better.
  8. Crunchies and Curly Whirlys: These are together because I realised I could eat them on the same day. I was in a Cadbury outlet shop in Portsmouth, and on the off-chance I started reading all the labels on the chocolate bars, and discovered I could eat Crunchies and Curly Whirlys. I had pretty much stopped reading labels because I would just stick to the things I knew were safe, so it was a happy surprise!
  9. Betty Crocker: I have used Betty Crocker cake mixes for my birthday for nearly every single one. They are so delicious and easy to make, and I honestly can’t pick a favourite flavour! I’ve also used them at Christmas and most recently at Easter, when I made a carrot cake!

    The Betty Crocker Carrot Cake I made for Easter
  10. Fig Rolls (Aldi): McVities used to have nut free Fig Rolls, which were always a treat for me as a child. However, at a certain point the allergen information changed and now they have a traces warning. I really missed having these, until I found Aldi’s own brand which are safe! They are that nostalgic treat for me, so it is really lovely to be able to have them.

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