Places to Eat: Edinburgh

In February, my friends and I went on a wonderful four day trip to Edinburgh. I had never been before and it is SUCH a beautiful city! I’m definitely going to do a more detailed blog post about the whole trip at some point soon, but a big part of what made the trip so great was the food that we had during our stay. I should point out that of the four of us there is one vegetarian and gluten-free, one vegan and dairy-free and one nut-free, so catering for all of us is a bit of a challenge, but the places we found to eat were perfect for all of us. So, here’s a run-down of our food experiences:



On our first night in Edinburgh, we went to a Mexican restaurant called Topolamba. I had never been to a Mexican restaurant before (to my shame) and was slightly apprehensive. However, the restaurant’s allergen menu was really good, and the waitress advised us on which food would be best to order in terms of traces and contamination. I had a shredded beef burrito (which was DELICIOUS) and some crazy corn. The burrito was massive but it was so good I definitely could have had another and powered through the stomach ache! The waiting staff were brilliant and didn’t make our dietary requirements feel like a nuisance, which is always a sign of a good restaurant to me. They are a chain, but only have restaurants in Scotland, so if you’re lucky enough to be near them I would definitely recommend.

My shredded beef burrito


Vittoria On The Bridge:

This is part of a chain of restaurants owned by the Vittoria group in Edinburgh. This one is an Italian restaurant, and I had a wonderful gorgonzola and pancetta pizza, which came with sliced pears on – which is surprisingly good! Apparently, the gluten free pizza bases were also excellent, as was the vegan cheese. The Vittoria group also label all 14 of the major allergens on their menu, which I have never seen anywhere else and was very encouraging. The food and atmosphere was wonderful – well worth a visit!

My Gorgonzola and Pancetta pizza

I also had a dessert – which is quite rare for me when eating out! I had the delizia al limone, which was delicious.

Delizia al Limone


Bertie’s Proper Fish and Chips:

This is another restaurant owned by the Vittoria group, so once again listed all 14 of the major allergens on their menu. Coming from the seaside, I love fish and chips, so I was pretty much in food heaven at this point. The portions were HUGE and came on really beautiful plates. We accidentally ordered quite a lot of food because we misjudged the portion sizes, but it was okay because you can take food away in box. The restaurant itself is just off Victoria Street, which was JK Rowling’s inspiration for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter books, so I had a pretty fab day!

IMG_5489 2.JPG
All of our delicious food (and massive sides!)


Sugar Daddy’s Bakery:

I’m saving the best until last. Sugar Daddy’s have two bakeries in Edinburgh, and all of their food and cakes are gluten free. However, they also have a list next to all of their cakes saying what they are free from (nuts, wheat, dairy, soya, etc). There was a whole counter full of delicious and beautiful freshly-baked cakes, and I could eat all of them. I cried in the café (not even ashamed) because this has never ever happened to me before. Having that freedom of choice proved too much so I ended up having one of everything (three while I was there and four in a box to take home). It was honestly one of the best moments of my allergy life. They also do normal food, so you can go in there for breakfast or lunch too. They are only in Edinburgh, so I am dying to go back again to sample more cakes. If you are in Edinburgh you HAVE TO GO.

Can you see why I cried now?

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