My Favourites

There are so many amazing individuals, charities and companies that provide crucial support for people living with severe allergies. Some consciously do good, whilst some are just my personal favourites who unconsciously help (mainly by baking majoritively nut-free cake!). I really recommend checking out those listed below, they are just so incredible and also require donations to keep doing their good work – so please donate if you can!


The Anaphylaxis Campaign:

The Anaphylaxis Campaign are the only UK charity who support people with life-threatening allergies (and are therefore incredible). The work they do is honestly awe-inspiring, and includes funding research, organising support groups, an advice column and giving young people in particular the chance to write about their experiences. They also run a series of campaigns to raise awareness of allergies, their most recent being the “Take the Kit” campaign, which promotes teenagers in particular always carrying their epipen with them, as unfortunately this is how tragedies occur. They published a very raw, emotional video to support this, which shows a teenager who doesn’t carry her epipen and the ramifications this has. It is the most inspiring and important video, and I would encourage you all to watch it (although possibly not with young children, as I say, it is very raw). They rely almost completely on donations, like any charity, and the work they do and support they provide is invaluable, so I would really encourage you to donate if you can, and to also subscribe to their monthly newsletter, which is incredibly helpful and interesting.



Kinnerton are one of the most amazing confectionary manufacturers for allergy-sufferers, particularly for those with a nut allergy. Their “Free From” range includes chocolates and cakes that are (drum roll, please…) Gluten free, Egg free, Nut free and Dairy free (my brother always like to add “Fun free” on the end, but that’s just him thinking he’s funny) all at the same time! They also do nut-free advent calendars at Christmas and Easter eggs at Easter (obviously) which are particularly good for children so that they don’t miss out, and are available at all popular supermarkets. They also publish recipes on their website, so I would recommend checking them out too!

Chocolate Wishes (The Nut Free Chocolate People):

 Chocolate Wishes are based near Sherwood Forrest, and have had huge success in creating delicious nut-free chocolates. These include: Easter Eggs, Festive Chocolates, chocolate bars and many more. I personally get my own easter eggs and Christmas chocolates from them, and the chocolate is so delicious and rich! They’ve also recently branched out into the Gluten Free world, following their success in the nut-free industry. As well as products, their website also has nut-free and gluten-free recipes. If you’re looking for nut-free chocolate that doesn’t taste like a compromise, it’s perfect.


Sweet Freedom:

Image result for sweet freedom

Sweet Freedom are dedicated to making naturally healthy fruit sugar syrups and spreads. All of their current products are nut free, and the majority of them are free from all 14 of the major allergens – but always check the label. I personally have their “Choc Shot” syrup on my porridge, and their “Choc Pot” spread is delicious on toast or in cake recipes. You can buy their syrups, liquid chocolates, spreads and milkshake makers in nearly all major supermarkets. Their website also has recipes for a variety of allergies, as well as for vegetarians and vegans. If you want something to pimp your porridge (or anything else for that matter) this is it!


Cocoa Libre                                                                            website-logo_360x

I have recently discovered this company and bought some lovely Christmas chocolate from them. They make chocolate that is free from dairy, gluten, wheat, buts, peanuts and eggs. They are also suitable for vegans and coeliacs. I would really recommend for delicious treats!







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