Places to Eat: Worthing

Worthing in West Sussex is a gorgeous seaside town just along the coast from Brighton. Although relatively small compared to its neighbours, Worthing still has many good restaurants for allergy-sufferers. As ever, I will update if I seek out any more particularly brilliant places to go – watch this space!

The Pizza Express in Worthing is one of my firm favourites, and one I go to regularly. The staff there are always really friendly and understand the importance of an allergy. Italian cuisine is also pretty basic when it comes to the inclusion of nuts, so eating here comes with a degree of assurance before you even walk in the door! They are also very good with celiacs, featuring a wide range of pizzas which can be adapted to a gluten-free base. In the summer you can sit outside, and the second floor of the restaurant is available for hire for parties/events. Point to note: It’s a relatively small Pizza Express, so I highly recommend booking a table in advance, particularly at weekends.

Harry Ramsden’s Fish and Chips: I can’t write a post about seaside restaurants without mentioning fish and chips! This branch of the restaurant chain has only recently opened in Worthing, and there is another (slightly bigger) one in Brighton. Luckily, Harry Ramsden’s uses vegetable oil for their chips, rather than ground nut oil, so is perfectly safe for nut-allergy sufferers. They also do takeaways, so you don’t have to sit inside to enjoy a taste of the seaside, you can walk along the pier with them if you wish (although watch out for seagulls!). As well as offering fish and chips, the menu includes many other dishes, and the restaurant is set across the road from the pier. Point to note: Try to book in advance again, and try to get a table in the window if you can – its lovely when the front of the pier lights up!

Evie x

(Header photo by me!)

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