Apple Crumble Cupcakes (Zoella Recipe)

Whenever I feel like baking (which is probably too often!) and I feel like making something new, I can always rely on Zoella for inspiring, beautiful (and often nut-free) bakes. This one is a favourite with my friends at uni, and is really lovely to have in autumn when crumble is really seasonal. It might look quite complicated, but you aren’t making a whole crumble and the final result is super yummy! (Pictures and recipe by Zoella, not me!)apple-crumble-cupcakes-4-of-5-1-1600x1066apple-crumble-ingredients-1apple-crumble-ingredients-2apple-crumble-recipe-1apple-crumble-recipe-2apple-crumble-recipe-3apple-crumble-recipe-4apple-crumble-cupcakes-9-of-13-1600x1066

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