Sorry, what? – Some of my FAQs


Nearly every day as an allergy-sufferer, I am presented with new questions about my allergy-life. Some of them are sensible, and some of them are just downright mad!

To make you chuckle, I thought I’d share with you just a few of the questions I am commonly asked.

“So, if I ate a nut now would you die?”

– This comes up a lot. I wouldn’t “die”, but I’d go into a reaction.

“Is it only if you eat it?”

– Sensible question. Actually I don’t know. I know it’s definitely if I eat it, but I don’t routinely shove a nut up my nose to see if I die or not. Usually I just say, “No.” to be on the safe side.

“How long would it take you to die?”

– Well, that’s not a sensitive question at all! It honestly varies, but I’d probably only last a couple of hours if you just stood there not doing anything….

“Is it because you’re parents have allergies?”

– A very sensible question. My dad is allergic to dust and rabbits and my mum isn’t allergic to anything (but is wheat and tomato intolerant). Now, scientists would say that because my dad has allergies and my mum has intolerances this explains my allergies. However, I have a twin brother who isn’t allergic to anything! Hmmm…perhaps my family should be part of an experiment….scientists would love us….we’re like their dream lab rats.

“Can I touch the eppipen?”

– This is my brother’s favourite. People do honestly get quite excited at the prospect at holding an eppipen, but I never let them take it out of the tube – I don’t want anything getting broken. They recently changed the packaging so that they are more colourful and have instructions that can easily be read in the panic of anaphylactic shock – so people don’t have to worry about flimsy bits of paper with tiny, minuscule print!

That’s all for now, although some of these can appear quite humorous, they do hide some sensible and logical issues or concerns that people may have, so this might well help you should you or others find yourself in a situation where you might need it!

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