Page One, A Good Place to Start

So, here we go. Deep breath – time to plunge into the world of blogging.

Blogging is something I have known about for a long time (it’s hard to escape it in the vibrant digital age that we now live in), but it was not until recently I actually considered setting up my own blog. If any of you have come across a similar blog to this, it was most likely my last one (, but I had a series of technical difficulties so transferred all of my posts to here: my new and improved blog mark II!

To be perfectly frank, I wasn’t sure if I had anything vaguely interesting to write about. As someone who has had an allergy for the majority of their lifetime, it isn’t something that I generally consider to be particularly engaging. Because you yourself have grown used to the condition that you have, it is easy to assume that it is simply normal – because it is the only option you have of living your life. So I thought “Well, who would want to know about my allergy? It’s nothing special – it’s just normal.”

But therein lies the problem. Because allergies are not normal. Yes, there has been a significant increase in people having allergies (which some scientists believe is due to the variation in our diets), but not everyone has a life threatening allergy. For me, it is hard when people say “What’s it like having an allergy?”, because I don’t know any different, in a way I never have. I have no idea what it’s like to live without an allergy. I have an idea in my head, of course, but I haven’t actually experienced it. Because of this, and the normality that I thus associate with my allergy, I didn’t think it was anything worth writing about.

However, my inspiration came after watching “The C-word” on the BBC back in May. For those who don’t know, it dramatizes the life of Lisa Lynch, a cancer-sufferer who wrote a book of the same name, and who documented her experiences through blogging. This showed me that you don’t have to be the first human in all of history with your condition in order to write about what you’re going through, because everyone’s story is different. I then realised that I could do the same, offering my story as a teenager with a life-threatening allergy. Of course I’m not the first to write about it, but this is my life and my story, which by definition must be different to someone else’s.

I don’t want to write anything glamorous. Nothing demanding attention or pity. I just want to write something honest, because I think we all, no matter what it is, tend to exaggerate our lives in any way possible. I want other allergic teens to know that there are others out there who are the same as them, and that they are not alone. I want to tell you my life as an anaphylactic teen the way it is, and not some glammed-up version of it. Because having an allergy can honestly be a pain in the arse, and sometimes it feels like something to be grateful for, but either way, here it is: Agonies of an Anaphylactic – My Life as an allergic teen.

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